Weed smoker dating

But, the most trusted story to date is that a group of California high school students in the 70’s, calling themselves the Waldos, intent on developing their own discreet language made up the 420 code which made p.m.their official meeting time to smoke cannabis after school.Nobody wants their grandmother seeing their Facebook posts about marijuana legalization.With weed legalized in a bunch more states, perhaps the app will actually take off.

This is really cool innovation because it means you get to be yourself on a first date and connect over something you know you are both going to love.

It already has over 400,000 users globally, including states that don’t have legalized weed.

At the very least, they haven’t run out of weed-based puns.

A majority of people who share the 420 lifestyle are aware that several US states allow individuals with certain health problems to buy or to grow a limited amount of marijuana for their own personal use.

But why do so many people in America get high on April 20th and what does 420 friendly mean?


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