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If you feel like putting yourself through three minutes of pure masochistic torture then by all means, watch the video of an animated frog-like creature riding an invisible motorbike around a fictional futuristic world.It will leave you wishing those rockets hit him, putting an end to Crazy Frog once and for all.Q: So what do you mean by things that correlate for a happy relationship? If one person is a go-getter and the other person likes to spend a lot of time on the couch, that causes friction. The more you have, the more it's going to matter. Rumors have it that no other competitive buyers have ever shown up on the horizon and Imeem was the most logical buyer for Snocap.An Israeli sync start-up acquired for reportedly M Be In Sync Ltd.Maggie, an Australian shepherd cross who was at the kennel for a little over a week, had recently had her own litter of puppies weaned and taken away from her.Here's Maggie hanging out with her new BFFs Kari and Hannah. Maggie's owners came back the next day to pick her up, and Aldred showed them how well their dog was getting along with the puppies.

We present the worst music videos ever from Susan Boyle to Milli Vanilli and back again. Although back in 1989, it stirred up just as much controversy, due to Cher’s nearly-naked self frolicking around for some overly-hormonal sailors (who also seem to enjoy dancing together on a boat). Good on you, Paris Hilton – you successfully created something that sucked more than the song itself (which, frankly, we thought would be impossible to do). v=ag Pwc-or VOM First we see a montage of Daniel against a black screen, stringed together by someone who seemingly just discovered i Movie (or whatever they had back in 2002) for the very first time.

MARKETWATCH - July 27 - Grant Langston has taken over from co-founder Neil Clark Warren. A: We do not have a lot of people in the senior ranks at e Harmony. A: He's a guy who's about authenticity even when it's not cool to be himself. He's an emotional and real person and he's not afraid to let that show. We went through a period where we didn't know who we were. We have tried to do research for things that correlate with a happy relationship, which is proven through science.

Q: There must have been a few people interested in the job. A: When we launched Jazzed, a casual dating product. We just don't want it to be the primary criteria by which people kick off relationships.

Pageflakes , an Ajax home page that once was a real competition to Netvibes , is being rumored to have been acquired by Live Universe for an undisclosed amount.

Both companies refrain themselves from publicly announcing the deal nor made any comments on the technology blogs that mentioned about it, which tells us the deal is most likely in the very low-range not worth mentioning. An acquisition that was announced in late February has today been confirmed. As we have then written Snocap has been in a long quest for a buyer (at least since Sept last year) and has gone through some massive layoffs, so it was clear the company had little to no options left but to sell off.


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