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These were the best teams out there and the quiz questions were exceptionally hard because it was a 'champion of champions' contest.What he has done is amazing," Mr Burns told The Daily Telegraph.After setting himself the challenge to learn as much as possible in seven days, no-one was more astonished than Mr Brighton when he suddenly found himself able to recall the number of hummingbird types found in the Amazon rainforest (319) or the currency of Liechtenstein (the Swiss franc).

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In this case, that is exactly what we shall do – take advantage of the sub-conscious signals our eyes give off in every day life!Luckily ‘eye accessing cues'are not so commonly known – and Derren Brown uses these regularly in his performances.The NLP system of eye accessing cues that is required for this effect work for ‘memories'only.So many things can influence the decisions and judgments we make.In this Science of Attraction video for Channel 4 (UK), which is introduced by Derren Brown, Kat Akingbade and Charlie Mc Donnell investigate the Halo Effect and discover the impact it can have on first impressions and how others perceive you.Mr Brighton was taught his techniques by Derren Brown, the magician, for a new Channel 4 television series.He applied to be a 'guinea pig' on the show without knowing what he would be required to do.Mr Brighton, 40, an aviation insurance consultant from Hornchurch, Essex, learned to absorb the contents of hundreds of encyclopaedias and reference books, on such subjects as art, geography, history and science, without even knowing he was doing it.Then he associated the words on the page with visual images which enabled him to recall them easily.Many things influence the decisions and judgments we make and we are usually aware of what they are.However when it comes to the Halo Effect can we genuinely be influenced to think a certain way about a person or a product because of one perceived quality?


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